Module 1

Module 1 of the Safer Drivers Course will help young drivers develop a better understanding of safe driving, which in turn will help develop safer driving behaviours.

While it’s important that you build technical driving skills, a young driver’s attitudes towards driving is also critical.

The workshop will explore young driver’s risks as a young driver and help develop strategies to become a safer driver.


By the end of the workshop, learners will:

  • Understand that they’re at the highest risk of crashing when they first transition from supervised to independent driving
  • Understand that they can reduce the risk of crashing by adopting safe driving behaviours, minimising risk taking, and making low risk on road decisions
  • Understand their vulnerabilities and the relationship between typical poor novice driving behaviours (such as following behaviour, gap selection, hazard perception, speed selection and distraction) and increased crash risk
  • Understand and build resilience to the impact that peer influence and passenger behaviour can have on crash risks
  • Develop strategies to address risks such as driving at night, drugs and alcohol, and general lifestyle pressures that can lead to speeding, driver distraction and fatigue.


  • Session 1: Challenges. Explores how the mind manages the decision making process
  • Session 2: Balancing act. Explores how internal and external factors can affect the ability to drive safely.
  • Session 3: So much going on. Explores how the decisions made can directly impact safety behind the wheel.
  • Session 4: Holding your space. Explores the risks associated with peer influence and lifestyle and how to build capacity to deal with them effectively.