Preparing Yourself Further

Peters Driving and Training also operates Peters Driving School and North Shore Driving School in the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney and has established a solid reputation amongst learner drivers since 1989.

Our instructors are dedicated to preparing learner drivers for a safe future on the road. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff to clear up details about the driving test or to arrange a lesson help in the following areas:

  • Test preparation at the RMS registry you intend to sit the sit
  • Parking perfection
  • Confidence issues
  • Lane changing
  • Hazard perception and responding to hazards
  • Road positioning/decision making
  • City and motorway driving

Other Lessons, Fees And Packages

Individual lessons and packages are the most competitive compared to any established driving school in the North Shore area.

  • 1 hour: $68
  • 6 hour package: $378 – save $30
  • 10 hour package: $610 – save $70
  • Test Preparation Package: $140
  • Test Day Package: $180
  • Safer Driving Course: $140

Under the RMS 1-3 program, learners who have 10 hours tuition with a driving instructor will receive an additional 20 hours credit towards their logbook.

Test Preparation Package: $140

The Test Preparation package is designed to better prepare learner drivers before their test. It is recommended that learners take this package a week prior for their test day. Students will have a higher chance of passing their test first time. Test Preparation handouts are also included to assist learners.

Test day package: $180

The test day package is designed for learners who require a car for their test. The package includes an hour lesson before the test and use of the instructor’s car for the test.